VIDEO OF motor scooter challe...

into the wild ! 2 weeks ago, I suggested you to vote for a challenge on the theme unusual means of transportation. It is with a difference of only two votes that you chose to make me crossing part of argentina...

Video of Maori challenge

Not totally successful, but very informative! Shortly after I arrived in New Zealand, I had proposed to vote for a challenge on the theme of culture. The aim was to introduce you one specificity of this young country. many votes later,...

South Korea Challenge : Into t...

The cold war is far from over ... During our recent trip to South Korea, we had proposed to vote for a challenge that could be have been funnier. Your choice was directed towards one of the most hermetic area of the...


Crossing California by bike ... it's done!

I'll sleep with you in America !

There are about a month, I suggested you to vote for a double challenge. The first was the one I had set myself, explore United States by bicycle. The second (for which the majority of you voted) was to learn more about student fraternities in the United States.

The video below is about my bike trip in California. The second video will arrive in the coming days.

Enjoy and share if you like.



New challenge in USA

On the road again... but by bike this time!

After having spend nearly three weeks in Tijuana, I am in the land of Uncle Sam since a week now. Tomorrow I leave San Francisco towards Denver (2000 km to the east) to the handlebars of the bycicle I bought $ 60 on Craigslist. because of that, I suggest you a new challenge that I will perform along the way.

So let's vote for what you want me to do or I unsheathed my Desert Eagle!


VIDÉO OF CHALLENGE : Exploring the USA border from Tijuana

Welcome to Tijuana : tequila, sexo, deported people ...

Less than 1 month ago, I asked you to vote for a challenge in Mexico about the particularities of the city of Tijuana. Several hundred votes later, you have expressed to me your desire to know more about the situation at the border between Tijuana and San Diego. After more than seven days of investigation, I think I have collected many touching stories. See by yourself if it gives you the same effect.

Enjoy the movie.

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video of challenge : explorer amazonia and experiment ayawaska

this is a full travel

nearly one month ago, during my trip to Peru, I suggested you to vote for a challenge on the theme of the Amazon. Once the votes finished, I saw that it was the proposal about  trying Ayawaska that you most attracted. to reminder, Ayawaska is a plant that is only found in the Amazon and, once prepared and eaten, takes you on a journey within a few hours time.

Drug for some people, medicine for others, I went making my own opinion on the matter, to you to get yours.


Share if you like ;-)

New challenge in mexico

Welcome to Tijuana

After having seen a big part of Peru during three last weeks, i arrived yesterday in Mexico City. I'll stay here for 4 days before taking another plane to Tijuana (border town with the United States). i decided to go there because of its crazy reputation, but also because it will then allow me to go in San Diego by land. In this context I suggest you vote for a challenge about the specifics of Tijuana.



new challenge in perou

Amazonia ... I'm coming ! !

After three days of travel from Cuzco (4 bus, 2 cars and a 4x4), i'm in the depths of the Amazon rainforest, especially in Atalaya. I leave tomorrow morning for the three days of crossing the Rio Acayali aboard a cargo boat which will take me to Pucallpa. Once there, i will have few days left before joining "Lima". in this conditions I suggest you to vote for a challenge on the theme of the Amazon.

Video discovery : Matchu Picchu but low coast

3 time less expensive than the usual price

After having failed miserably the last challenge which was to enter in the mythical jail of La Paz in Bolivia, I suggested to making you discovering the famous Machu Picchu in Peru. This place is so famous that local travel agencies do not hesitate to ask exorbitant prices to drive you there. On this trip I tried to find out if i could save a lot by making it by my own.

I let you discover whether or not the gross margin of tourism organizations is exaggerated.



New challenge in Bolivia

100% PUR Bolivia !

After crossing part of Chile, I am now in LA PAZ (capital of Bolivia). The poorest countrie of South America differs in many ways from those neighbors.  Excessive corruption, prisons without guards, working conditions unbearable for miners, most dangerous roads in the world ... WELCOME TO BOLIVIA. Before take the road again to Peru I suggest you vote for a new purely Bolivian challenge.

Vote and make vote your friends by sharing this page ;-)

VIDEO OF CHALLENGE : Throw my boxer in a volcano then snowboard down

Naked in the snow ... it's so cold !

 almost 2 months ago, when I arrived in Chile, I suggested you to vote for a challenge about the 4 elements of the universe. Most part of you voted for the fire item. The proposal was to make me climb the only one Chilean active volcano, throw my boxer in the cratere, then snowboard down. During my first attempt, dangerous weather conditions have not allowed me to accomplish my task. One trip on a motor scooter later, I returned to the crime scene. I let you see if the second attempt was more successful!



VIDEO OF motor scooter challenge in argentina

into the wild !

2 weeks ago, I suggested you to vote for a challenge on the theme unusual means of transportation. It is with a difference of only two votes that you chose to make me crossing part of argentina on a motor scooter rather than on rollerblades. It is not without some trepidation that I embarked on this adventure more than exotic. I'll let you see the summary video of this 7 days!

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